Sports Hypnosis:  Call it “The Zone,” or “The Edge,” or a Secret Weapon, the Minnesota Sports Hypnosis Center is the place to get it.

Does this sound familiar?  You’ve worked your butt off in training, given it your all.  You love your sport and you KNOW you are 100% dedicated to succeeding.  But…something stands in your way when it comes to the field of competition.  You know it’s not physical, because in practice you perform perfectly.  Your body knows how; something isn’t getting translated to the game.

You know you can practice and train all you want, but if there’s a mental block, none of it matters.  Athletics has been described by many pro athletes as “90 percent mental.”  At the Minnesota Sports Hypnosis Center, that’s what we focus on–showing you how to anchor your peak performance state, so that you can call upon all of your abilities on command.

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Sports hypnosis work is effective for all sports:  golf, baseball, martial arts, equestrian sports, running, marathon training, hockey, basketball, bodybuilding, and more.  Whatever sport you pursue, sports hypnosis will give you the focus, confidence, and resilience to perform at your peak.

What Sports Hypnosis Can Do For You

Would you like to achieve the following?

  • Eliminate the mental clutter that ruins your game
  • Be calm and focused in competition
  • Increase your consistency
  • Shave strokes off your golf game
  • Learn why HOW you think is more important that anything else, and HOW should you think?
  • How to get into a light state of hypnosis before every game, every shot–just like Tiger Woods does.
Well I’ve now had a chance to get a number of golf games in since our last session, and I can say that I am enjoying the game much more, and generally the scores reflect it.  My handicap has dropped about 6 strokes from when I first came to you for help, and I expect it will drop by another 5.
I’ve lost the apprehension to hitting the ball.  I no longer have that feeling that I can’t hit the ball; and for the most part the tension in my back is gone.  I think the days of having to put the driver back in the bag and hit a 7 iron instead are also gone.  My iron control is greatly improved.
I know I still have a ways to go to get to the game I’m capable of, but our sessions and the techniques you taught me have taken me most of the way along that path.  I think I now have the ability to finish the journey.
Thanks so much for your helping me solve my mental golfing problems.
Ken, Woodbury, MN, 6/27/14*


This is custom hypnosis with Certified Professional Sports Hypnotists, not a generic tape or CD that’s mass produced and one-size-fits-all.  Come to us with a list of specific things you want to improve about your performance, and together we will eliminate your problem areas, releasing your reactions to specific triggers. Learn to eliminate emotional reactions that just set you up for poor performance.



*Disclaimer: Everyone’s different, and of course your results may vary.  It is unethical to guarantee changes in human behavior and much depends on your motivation. We do require a consultation during which the program will be explained, and your motivation will be evaluated. We do not accept everyone who approaches us to do this work because we believe that your success is our success and we work to set you up to succeed.


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